Since 2014, our center has evolved from a bioequivalence research center to a Center of Excellence in Drug Development. We have successfully realized projects in more than 10 areas, the most important of which are:

– Conducting clinical trials of all phases;
– Bioanalytical studies within the framework of the study of pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism;
– regulatory consulting;
– Medical ranking and biostatistics;
– development of data collection and processing systems;
– various digital services for clinical trials, as well as scientific publications, literature reviews, and educational programs.

The Eco-Safety Research Centre in figures is:
– More than 500 clinical trials of medicines in various fields of medicine, in which more than 25,000 subjects have been enrolled;
– more than 100 domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, research institutes and contract research companies are our partners;
– More than 150 staff members in the state, including more than 25 principal investigators, 50 physician co-investigators in various fields of medicine, including 3 MDs and 10 PhDs;
– two principal investigators are among the top 10 principal investigators in Russia in terms of the number of clinical trials conducted;
more than 100 scientific publications written by our employees.

Our medical base includes more than 4000 square meters of space, 2 branches, 4 polyclinic complexes, 3 inpatient departments, an operating unit with an intensive care ward, diagnostic units, clinical diagnostic and chemical laboratories.

Our brands:
QBio’s biomedical platform, which brings together virtually all current trends in drug development;
CTcloud is a digital eco-system in the field of clinical drug trials;
NIC Health and Beauty is a center for plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine.

We do not rest on our laurels and strive for new horizons!
Thank you to all our partners and employees for your support and cooperation during these 10 years.