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Private Research Centre No. 1 in Russia
10 years of clinical research experience
Ranked among the TOP 5 research centers in Russia
TOP 100 private multidisciplinary clinics in Russia


QBIO – a research center of excellence in the field of clinical trials. QBIO was created on the basis and achievements of the Eco-Safety Research Centre.



The 500+ clinical trials milestone has been reached at the bases of the Research Centre.


Creation of a QBioResearch project management cluster based on the QBio biomedical platform. It provides a full range of comprehensive support services in Russia.

The company's quality management system was re-certified to ISO 9001:2015.

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Creation of a QBioLab chemical analysis laboratory based on the QBio biomedical platform.

Clinical trials involving the assessment of pharmacokinetic parameters are separated into a specific area of activity with the creation of the Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Research Centre, a department within the Eco-Safety Research Centre, LLC.


The company is expanding its activities and creating a biomedical platform under the QBio brand, which will enable the unified management of all drug development processes.


Software development is separated into a specific area of activity, the creation of the CTcloud digital ecosystem.


The second scientific branch of the Research Centre was opened.

The Eco-Safety Research Centre is included in the register of medical organizations conducting clinical trials of medical devices.


The Eco-Safety Research Centre entered the top 5 research centers in Russia in terms of the number of studies of all phases.

The first certification of the company's quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard was completed.


The Eco-Safety Research Centre was ranked first among Russian research centres in terms of the number of clinical bioequivalence studies.


The first clinical trial was conducted at the Research Centre.


Establishment of the Eco-Safety Research Centre company.

Obtaining licenses for medical activities and operations with narcotic drugs.

Accreditation for the right to conduct clinical trials of medicinal products for medical use.

Year after year, the Centre takes top positions: TOP-1 in the ranking of institutions for all clinical trials. It is also consistently included in the TOP-5 research centers in Russia.

Our accumulated experience allows us to navigate clearly in the field of clinical trials. Working with us will help you to conduct a clinical trial of high quality and on time.


Over the course of its existence, the Research Centre has become the market leader in providing a full range of services for the conduct of clinical trials, from the development of study designs to the processing and reporting of data.



  • 50 phase 1 clinical trials
  • 220 late phase clinical trials
  • 180 bioequivalence clinical trials

Passed a “full cycle”

  • 30 clinical trials - from the first draft of the synopsis to the preparation of the final report for submission to the regulatory authorities.

More than

  • 150 specialists
  • 25 principal investigators involved in clinical trials

More than

600 documents have been developed for clinical trials, including

  • 150 clinical trial protocols/programs
  • 150 investigator brochures
  • 150 informed consents
  • 120 final reports of clinical trial results
  • 12 research reports
  • 45 scientific articles

Organizationally we have

  • 3 hospitals with 70 beds
  • 4 outpatient clinics
  • 3 mass spectrometers in the Chemical Analysis Laboratory «QBioLab»


Syraeva Gulnara Islyamovna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Quality Assurance and Control Manager, Auditor, Yale University Fogarty Program graduate with over 10 years of experience in clinical trials.

Vasilyuk Vasily Bogdanovich

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, TOP 10 principal investigator in Russia, has conducted more than 190 clinical trials, author of more than 150 scientific publications.

Zakharov Konstantin Anatolievich

Candidate of Medical Sciences, TOP 10 principal investigator in Russia, has conducted more than 180 clinical trials.

Faraponova Mariya Valerievna

Head of the Scientific and Educational Cluster, author of more than 600 documents as part of development of clinical trial materials.

Dedkova Victoria Alekseevna

Head of the Cluster of Principal Investigators in 26 clinical areas.

Sinyavin Serafim Alexandrovich

Head of the QBioLab Laboratory Cluster, author and developer of analytical methods for more than 80 International Nonproprietary Names (INNs).


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